Why Choose Golden Eagle Coins? A Smart Investment Opportunity?

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Building a diversified and reliable investment portfolio is no easy task. There are plenty of different approaches, all of which come with their own benefits and drawbacks. For many people, especially those interested in long-term investments, the golden eagle coin represents a classic and simple way to invest. The golden eagle coin is a lot […]

The Benefits of Opening a Gold IRA Account

The Benefits of a Gold IRA An individual retirement account, or IRA, is one of the most common ways for people to save for their retirement. Because they aren’t linked to an employer like a 401k is, they are entirely under your own control. With that control comes options, including how you invest in your […]

Four Simple Tips to Consider Before Your Next Gold Bar Purchase

Trying to make smart investments can sometimes be a trying task, especially with the volatility of the marketplace, and increasing inflation. There is a method of saving some money stored in a relatively low-risk way that almost always goes up in value over time: gold. Gold bullion is still an extremely popular way to invest […]

Helpful Tips for Buying Silver Coins

Silver Coins for Sales

From the time we are little we are told to learn to manage our finances. Investing is one way that we can plan our retirement, send our children to school or buy a home. Finding silver coins for sale is one of the best investments. Silver coins have been around for hundreds of years worldwide. […]

Risk of Recession on The Rise

The big financial news networks lately have been preaching that a recession is inevitable soon. Inflation is out of control, the Fed is raising interest rates, and stocks have been artificially pumped up from the Fed’s money printing. Investors are constantly wondering what they should do with their money as the stock market continues to […]

Financial Fallout from Ukraine on the Horizon

As worldwide tensions flared up from the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, commodity prices have spiked. The high prices are most widely recognized at the gas station due to oil prices. Price spikes are seen in food, fertilizer, and strategic metals as well.   Russian debt has already been downgraded to junk status, and there […]

5 Reasons to Buy Gold Now

The mounting government debt and the subsequent rise in interest rates have sent alarm bells ringing in the stock markets. The worst economic crisis in three decades means the worst ever loss of purchasing power for cash savers. Investors again see buying gold as insurance for the possibility of economic catastrophe. Gold can play a […]

How Will Debt Impact Your Retirement?

Will government debt destroy retirement savings?   It’s no secret that the United States is in a massive amount of debt, which is over $23 trillion now. The clock is ticking on the Chinese debt bomb that could spark an economic catastrophe and trigger another financial crisis. To make things even worse, your savings could […]

Gold vs. Crypto

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Gold has been used by almost every civilization for thousands of years. It has been the basis of almost every country and currency in the world. It supported immense empires for centuries and has been the cause of many wars. Gold has been a staple in world economies and continues that trend to this day, […]

What to Own when the Stock Market Crashes

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Stock Market Crash 1929: Stock market crash 1929, also known as great crash, a fast decline in US stock market values in 1929 that became the cause of great depression of the 1930s.  The great depression remained for approximately ten years and affected both non-industrialized and non-industrialized countries. During the mid-1920s, the stock market in […]