Is the U.S. Dollar in Danger of Losing its Position as the World’s Reserve Currency?

one hundred dollar bill burning on black background

The United States is the country with the biggest and strongest economy, while also having the strongest and most widely used currency, the United States Dollar (USD). Countries around the world have reserve currencies, which are held by foreign government central banks to be used by foreign investors, use in foreign trade, and are freely […]

Americans Facing Higher Taxes

a couple stressed because of higher taxes

The current administration has stated that those earning less than $400,000 per year will not face any tax increases. However, President Biden’s economic proposal for a $3.5 trillion spending package will have a significant tax and fee impact on those earning less than the top 1.8 percent of income. Though they claim that enhanced taxes […]

Higher Inflation Squeezing U.S. Consumers As Food Prices, Rents Accelerate

woman picking fruits in groceries

The Federal Reserve’s claim of temporary inflation does not signal the end of inflation; rather, it signals an increase in inflation. They are making us fools by not informing us of impending inflation. Only the Fed can persuade people to exchange their cash currency for gold. So far, the Fed regards inflation as a farce. […]

Social Security Running Out Of Money

a break down of bills and a social security card

The social security fund is expected to run out of money by 2033, as you are well aware. The deadline is only 14 years away, and it will have a significant impact on both those who are not yet enrolled and those who are. What will happen if the fund is no longer available? You […]