Four Simple Tips to Consider Before Your Next Gold Bar Purchase

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Trying to make smart investments can sometimes be a trying task, especially with the volatility of the marketplace, and increasing inflation. There is a method of saving some money stored in a relatively low-risk way that almost always goes up in value over time: gold. Gold bullion is still an extremely popular way to invest your money and protect yourself from inflation due to its general upward valuation. You must be wary though when you are purchasing bars of gold for sale, because you need to get them from a trusted source that provides proper gold bars with certification. The following are four simple tips to consider before your next gold bar purchase from a gold seller such as Century Gold.

Check the Purity Being Purchased

Gold bullion can come in multiple types of purity, and you need to know the purity before you decide to purchase. Purity of gold is measured in karats (like precious gems such as diamonds), and the higher the karat value, the purer the gold is and therefore, the more valuable it is. 24 karat is the purest form of bars of gold for sale you can purchase, being almost completely pure. You can also buy less pure forms, such as 18 and 20 karats. Getting the purity of the gold verified can sometimes be difficult when purchasing online, and that’s where the next tip comes into play.

Get a Genuine Certification

Before you purchase any gold, you should make sure that its purity has been officially certified to ensure you are not getting ripped off. Any gold bar you get should have gold hallmarking certification marks on it, verifying the purity, weight, authenticity and other primary characteristics that verify its value. Many high-end gold bar purchases should have multiple hallmarking marks, depending on the assay office.

Consider the Premium

When you purchase bars of gold for sale, you are often going to pay a premium on top of the initial cost of the precious metal itself. This premium, however, gets relatively smaller the more you purchase, so it’s best to contact the seller beforehand and get a list of premiums based on the volume you intend to purchase. 400oz gold ingots will have a lower premium relative to a 1oz coin purchase. Buying the largest bar you can afford will lower the per ounce cost of the premium.

Always Get a Bill of Sale

When purchasing anything you should always get a bill of sale, and its no different for gold bars. With a bill of sale, you will have a clear itemization of everything you have purchased and the added costs, such as maker charges, sales tax, shipping costs, and other expenses. As well, with a receipt it will be easier to resell your gold in the future, as you have providence for the gold.

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